After choosing date and time please add to the additional information, in the end of the booking, the main reason for applying D-visa/resident permit (For example: study in the University of…./Working in the comany…as ….).

  • In case of short-term employment, please add to the additional information the registration number and company name
  • Please add personal phone number of the applicant!
  • In case coming from third country – citizenship of the applicant

Double bookings are not allowed!

One booking per person, except for :

1. Temporary resident permit – you can use 1 slot for a family – applicant, spouse, child under 6 years old.

2. IKT töötajad võivad ühele broneeringule lisada taotleja ja abikaasa. Kui pereliikmeid on rohkem, siis palun broneerige abikaasale ja lastele eraldi aeg

!Please make the reservation AFTER you have ALL  the travel dates, reservations and insurance!

Embassy has a right to delete incorrect bookings! 

Accepting a visa application and issuing a visa does not mean that applicant can actually travel to Estonia, but person must have, in addition to a visa, also right to enter Estonia. Detailed information about rules and conditions of entering Estonia under present circumstances can be found on the website of Estonian Police and Border Guard Board

Please make the appointment booking personally (it is free of charge!)