Long-stay visa for students

For students applying in the Estonian Embassy in New Delhi

Embassy accepts D-visa applications from students who are accepted to the Estonian Universities. Only after being in Estonia, students need to apply a resident permit for study in the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board offices.

Only after the student has a resident permit, the family members can apply for a resident permit or a visit visa!

Please check that you have all the required documents!

VISA FOR STUDY – Required documents

Make sure you have with you all the original documents and they are if necessary, properly apostilled/legalized.

State fee 100 euros

YOU NEED TO COME TO THE EMBASSY IN PERSON! The visa decision process is max 15 days. You can keep the passport, in case needed.

We appreciate when students write to us directly in person, not through agents or parents

General information


  • Estonian long-term D-visa applicants please add to the additional information, in the end of the booking, the main reason for applying D-visa (For example: study in the University of….).

Embassy has a right to delete incorrect bookings!