COVID-19 Travel and visa info

Embassy asks all international travellers to check the border crossing conditions of both the destination and transit country and to assess whether travelling is necessary.

Accepting a visa application and issuing a visa does not mean that applicant can actually travel to Estonia, but person must have, in addition to a visa, also right to enter Estonia. Detailed information about rules and conditions of entering Estonia under present circumstances can be found on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Applicant must confirm during lodging an application that he or she is aware that beside visa also right to enter Estonia is needed to travel to Estonia and that applicant is personally responsible for any financial expenses he or she might have.

Embassy do not accept the visa applications for tourism purpose.

At the moment only the following categories of travelers (essential travel) are allowed to apply for the Schengen visa at VFS visa centers:

  •  Family members of Estonian citizens and Indian citizens with Estonian resident permit;
  • participating high level meetings and events (with Estonian Government/Public authority/company invitation);
  • experts who’s travel is required for technical reasons (invitation from the Estonian authority/company).


Embassy doesn’t issue any additional confirmations to the applicants!

VFS can’t accept D-visa applications! For D-visa you need to apply in the Embassy.


Applicants living outside India, please do not make an appointment unless you have a valid Indian visa and you can travel to India!

Embassy will attend clients only with vaccination certificate and with RT-PCR test made on the 8th day from their arrival to India (entry rules to India)




  1. Estonian long-term D-visa /temporary resident permit applicants please add to the additional information, in the end of the booking, the main reason for applying D-visa/resident permit (For example: study in the University of…./Working in the company…).
  2. In case of short-term employment, please add to the additional information the registration number
  3. Please add applicants all contact details!
  4. One booking per person!


Embassy has a right to delete incorrect bookings! 

The electronic declaration of health for those arriving in Estonia must be filled before the actual arrival to Estonia. You can fill the declaration 72h before the arrival.

More info about restrictions in Estonia